Bowling for Dollars

We didn’t actually go bowling for dollars today, but Chloe and I did go bowling with my friend and her son. Her son had never bowled before and my friend hadn’t bowled in years.

The four of us had a grand old time. My friend claimed that she was horrible at bowling when she was a kid. Of course, she had the high today – for both games. Not noteworthy high, but high enough to make me skeptical that she was as bad as she led me to believe (i.e, as bad as Obama).

The kids did great – and really enjoyed themselves. Chloe even managed a few spares. I managed a few strikes. But I never broke 100. I’m not coordinated enough and I certainly don’t have the necessary form.

Luckily we had the benefit of the bumpers – which we requested for the kids’ sake. If I’m being honest, they also served the two of us adults quite well – without them, I think my score would have been closer to 40. I even slipped on the lane early on in our game – almost onto to my ass (I managed to salvage my humiliation a little bit by falling onto one knee instead). I felt extremely silly – but my antics gave my companions a good laugh.

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