Date Night!

Thanks, Mom! Thanks for taking the girls off our hands for an overnight with Grammy! The timing couldn’t be better from my perspective. After a crazy week at work, it was so very nice to be able to come home to peace and quiet.

And my husband and I got to go out to dinner and a movie! Which is a true luxury and something we rarely do on the same day. Twice a year at most.

We had dinner among adults. We didn’t have to go to a restaurant that caters to noisy kids (although the restaurant we did go to happens to be noisy, with or without kids). And we only needed a table for two. And we didn’t have to color or play hangman or tic tac toe while waiting for our food. Do you sense my bliss and contentment?

And the kicker was that we got to watch a real movie (“Tell No One” – which was fantastic and in French, by the way)! And we didn’t have to share the treats! And we didn’t have Chloe sitting next to us talking incessantly and way too loud about the plot points. And there were no misbehaving kids kicking the backs our seats.

The joys of a vacation from parenthood, even if it’s just for 24 hours.

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