Dragons in Flight

Chloe drew this picture of dragons the other day. No doubt inspired by her successful go at slaying the dragon during the MagiQuest game at Great Wolf Lodge, she spent a good amount of time creating this tableau of a family of fire-breathing, flying dragons.

Her drawing skills have improved magically over time – it’s pretty cool to see the evolution in her compositions. At the eye doctor today, she drew a family of pirates for the nurse to hang on one of the walls.

The family theme that permeates her artwork is definitely a good thing. They aren’t dysfunctional, psychotic families – just happy families of four. Whether dragons, pirates, bears or other creatures. When I see these images, I’m reassured. We must be doing something right.

Of course, these feelings of child-reading success are often undermined when one of the two little angels starts screaming at us for some perceived slight. At which point I start wondering, with increasing alarm, “what kind of monsters are we raising?”

But this usually doesn’t last too long, and then we’re all back to being lovey-dovey and happy until the next outburst.

On another note, I’m turning 40 in a few months. And every time I remember that I’m turning 40, I realize that Sophie will be starting college when I’m about 55. That’s crazy. When my mom was 55, I was already 31 years old – and pregnant with Chloe. Jeez.

Will my husband and I ever be able to retire? Probably not. Playing the lottery is looking more and more tempting every day.

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