Drama Queen

This is our little Sophie, who has become an expert at using facial expressions to show her dismay at any perceived slight, which usually involves one of her parents saying “no” to her.

In other cases, it involves Chloe’s doing something to displease Sophie, such as taunting her by stealing one of her toys, or sticking her tongue out at her – typical sibling stuff.

In yet other cases, it involves Sophie getting a little boo-boo.

Sophie takes the drama to a whole new level, however. Because before she makes a face like the one in the photo, she’ll give one of us a sidelong glance to gauge if we’re going to react to her in what she deems an appropriate manner.

For example, if she stubs her toe, she’ll look at her Papa before she starts shedding the crocodile tears. If he says, “Ma pauvre Sophie, viens voir ton Papa” (“My poor Sophie, come to your Daddy”), she’ll immediately start in with the fake crying and tragic facial contortions. That crap doesn’t pass muster with me, of course. Which is why we have two daddy’s girls on our hands.

I’m happy to give her all the hugs and kisses she wants, in sickness and in health. But cut me a break Sophie – save the drama for the real stuff – remember that little story about crying wolf?

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