Family Olympics

We’re all watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Chloe hasn’t shut up since they started – asking lots of questions and basically providing nonstop commentary. Which means that I can’t hear what any of the performances symbolize.

But that’s ok – I just heard something about harmony – the show is quite spectacular. 2008 drummers – crazy. 15,000 performers in all? Crazier.

Throughout all of this, Sophie keeps asking if Chloe farted. She asks this in French, however, so it sounds a little bit nicer.

OK – back to the ceremonies. The mechanics behind the raising and lowering of the calligraphy blocks? Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people. I was convinced it was hydraulic – but no – simple human strength. Wow.

And the largest LCD screen on the planet – even my husband is impressed (and it takes a lot to impress him). We don’t even have an LCD TV at home. We’re very much behind the times.

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