One of Those Evenings

I got home a bit late tonight and my head is spinning. I have no particular stories to tell – except that Sophie lost her two new favorite barrettes – pink and purple butterfly clips that she received as a gift the other day from the kids’ hair salon.

Yep, after months and months of neglect, we finally got her hair cut. Except it doesn’t look that much different than it did before she sat down in the Barbie car. I love her curly hair. But it’s out of control. The locks are a little bit shorter than they used to be, and there are fewer stray corkscrews hanging at her neck. Otherwise, her hair is pretty much the same.

When I called the house earlier to let everyone know I was going to be late, Chloe answered the phone. This is how our conversation went:

“Hi, Chloe.”
“Hi, Mommy. Guess what, Mommy?” Chloe asks, sounding like she might have something bad to tell me.
“What?” I inquire, thinking to myself that she’s getting ready to confess a minor crime.
“Your warranty is expiring.”
“What are you talking about, sweetheart?”
“Some man called and said that your warranty is expiring. What’s a warranty, Mom?”

I wish she would stop answering the phone!

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