Pretty Bed

It turns out that Sophie is more adaptable than I thought she’d be – her first night in bed went smoothly. And although she’s loathe to admit it (she still claims to want her crib back), she spent more time playing in her bedroom in the last 24 hours than she’s spent in there the whole year. And most of that time was in her “pretty bed.”

We’ll see how she does tonight. I am not naive enough to think that just because she made it through one night there won’t be some backlash, in the form of middle-of-the-night screams, to her new sleeping arrangements.

The cool thing about not having the crib anymore is that we can read and cuddle together in bed. Just like with Chloe. And she has lots more room for her horse, penguin, big bear, rainbow bear, purple bear, Shirley the lamb, security blanket towels and the various trinkets she likes to hold in her tiny fingers while she sleeps.

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