The 2nd Grade Teacher Placement

We just found out who Chloe’s second grade teacher is going to be. The name doesn’t mean anything to me at this point, because we haven’t heard anything about her.

I’ve already e-mailed the moms of a few of Chloe’s friends to find out who their kids have – and I hope that Chloe will have at least one buddy from previous classes with her this year.

Second grade starts in one week. The thought of having to get into a routine of making sure the homework gets done – my girl is a bit rusty on that score, I’m sure. We really liked Chloe’s teacher last year – she took extra steps to ensure that Chloe was sufficiently challenged. I hope the new teacher is the same way.

In the meantime, the last weekend of the summer approaches, and as I’ve written before, I feel like the weeks since June have flown by and I haven’t had much time to really enjoy it. It makes me a little sad. But as I write this blog entry, the girls are dancing to “Joy to the World” and they make me smile. From Chloe, who can’t shimmy to a beat but snaps her fingers really well, to Sophie, who jumps around like a clown, shakes her booty and falls off the couch onto the pillows on the floor…we really are lucky.

The girls don’t realize how much they cheer me up when I’m feeling down (and of course I would never tell them this lest they start using it against me) – just by being silly and happy and free.

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