The Party’s Over

We just got home with the girls – after our 24-hour reprieve from caretaking. I really enjoyed the quiet, but I missed them a smidgeon towards the end.

That is, until we arrived at my mom’s place, and Sophie started crying because she was tired and because we were there to pay attention to her. And until they started screaming and running around my mom’s apartment. And until we got to the car and Sophie started sobbing again because she was even more tired than she had been when we first arrived.

The girls had a fine time with their Grammy, as evidenced by this photo taken at a local park. Sophie obviously loved the little train ride. And Grammy is always chock-full of activities. They made Play-Doh (yes, out of flour and other ingredients) this morning and created little creatures – an alligator, snake, frog and turtle. My mom gave them some old clip-on earrings for dress-up play. They went swimming, they colored (and Sophie is a mighty good colorer) and they ate my mom out of house and home. My mom thinks Chloe has tapeworm. Highly unlikely. Shes just a very hungry child.

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