This Will Have to be a Quickie

I don’t have much time, because I have some work to do – ick. I really do need to start playing the lottery.

Aquawoman in the photo. You all know I’m going to harp on Chloe’s prowess in the water until I’m blue in the face. Pride is a sin, isn’t it? That’s ok – I’m a heathen and I don’t believe in that stuff anyway.

This is the future Natalie Coughlin. I spoke to the swim coach at our local YMCA, and while I’m not interested in Chloe joining a swim team where she has to practice a million days a week, I am interested in some of the more advanced coaching-type programs they offer. She’ll have to try out in September, and we’ll take it from there. As long as Chloe continues to enjoy swimming, I’m not going to begrudge her the opportunity to advance. If she’s happy, I’m happy.

Right now, Chloe isn’t too happy because she’s trying to learn a new song for the piano (or in our case, the little keyboard). She’s getting increasingly frustrated. No surprise there – she takes after her mother. She’s getting so frustrated, however, that I think she might actually turn purple and explode. Which wouldn’t be good, because then our hopes for a gold medal or two in 2020 would explode along with her.

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