Sophie and Chloe have finally figured out how to work together to make a human wheelbarrow. It took them some time, but Sophie – the strong almost 3-year old that she is – is now able to use her little girl arm muscles to move herself across the floor.

Chloe, for her part, is now coordinated enough (at least when it comes to wheelbarrows) to keep hold of Sophie so she doesn’t fall and hit her face on the floor. They make a good team.

Papa took them to the zoo today. Sophie’s favorite part was the snake display. She really likes snakes. I don’t know why. We already know that she likes to stomp and kill bugs. But she has a thing for snakes – their slithering, perhaps? I don’t quite get it myself.

On a totally different note, I’ve noticed that Sophie’s language skills have advanced a notch over the past week or so. She’s now starting to explain herself by using “because.” And she distinguishes between Play-Doh and regular clay. And she’s employing the word “really,” as in “Did you see any birds at the zoo today, sweetheart?” “No, not really.”

And we’ve settled on a clown for her birthday – a nice, gentle clown, who juggles, does magic, puts on puppet shows and makes balloon animals, including snakes. Just what a 3-year old crowd should love.

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