Woe is Yogurt

I am still amazed by the completely outsized, disproportionate reactions of my daughters to disappointment.

Take Chloe this evening. She wanted one of her yogurts (Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla, to be exact) but there were none left. She had eaten the last one yesterday. Thirty minutes and many loud groans and tears (!!!), later, she agreed to try one of my yogurts – a raspberry variety.

Chloe said she “kind of” liked it – but she was still in tears and her obstinancy got the better of her. Even though she obviously thought my yogurt wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be, she couldn’t bring herself to swallow her pride and eat it. So she cried some more. Until she settled on a different snack and an orange before bed.

I told her that I don’t keep a running inventory of the refrigerator contents and that it’s up to her to let us know when we’re out of something she likes to eat. She needs to take on some responsibility for crying out loud. I’m flattered that she thinks her parents are all-knowing, but we must disabuse her of that extremely dangerous notion ASAP. Before we run out of her yogurts again.

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