Chloe, the Writer

Chloe’s homework assignment today was to write sentences containing the week’s vocabulary words. This week’s words are the days of the week so, in theory, Chloe needed to write seven sentences. Instead, she wrote her first story of second grade, which she has kindly allowed me to reproduce here. We have a future storyteller in our midst…

“Anny and the Giant” by Chloe

There once was a man named Mr. Willson. He was a very nice man. He was about in his 30s. Every Monday and Tuesday, he would bring his daughter to work with him. Her name was Anny. Her father worked at a toy shop. His daughter loved it there. Then one Tuesday a toy giant caught her eye. Anny asked her father if he could get it for her. So on Wednesday he had a toy giant in his hands. That afternoon after school Anny played with her toy giant. Suddenly on Thursday morning Anny was holding the giant in her hands. It started to move its hands then the giant said something. He said: let go of me. So Anny put him on the floor. But before she knew it she had to go to breakfast. So she went out of the room. After breakfast Anny went to brush her teeth and after that went to school. Friday wasn’t that much fun. But Saturday and Sunday were fun. On Sunday Anny played with her giant and suddenly it came to life. And it said: Are you a giant too? No said Anny and after that they became best friends and they lived a long nice life. And as for her father well his toy shop became popular. And that was that. THE END.

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