Chloe’s First Day of School

Here she is – in the hallway in front of her 2nd grade classroom. She LOVES her teacher, who does seem very warm and energetic. The teacher definitely went up a notch in my book when she announced that she has all the supplies the kids will need. Sorry, Staples, we won’t be visiting any time soon.

Chloe is in the first row – surrounded by two boys. This is a good thing, because it likely means that she won’t be tempted to blab too much, a problem she had last year.

On another subject entirely, Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me. She talks about God way too much (God sent us to Iraq, God wants us to build the oil pipeline…) for someone who is aspiring to hold the 2nd most important office in the country. I mean, really, how can anyone take her seriously? Here I am, getting all riled up again. So I will stop writing about her for now. Just know that I’ve made my first contribution to Obama’s campaign – thanks to her nonsense – as have millions of other people, apparently.

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