Deep in Conversation

Blah, blah, blah, blah… and on and on and on.  One of Sophie’s first comments upon waking up this morning:  “Where’s Nanny?”  “Nanny’s sleeping.”  “I WANT to see Nanny!”  “Well, Sophie, it’s 7 AM – Nanny’s still in bed.”  “I WANT to see Nanny!”
Sophie had to wait it out a bit.  And she’s fortunate, actually, because under normal circumstances, Nanny sleeps in.  But with Sophie in town, Nanny’s been extra-motivated to make it out of bed in the morning.  
Today, Nanny’s dearest friend came to the apartment with a birthday cake in hand and a little gift for Sophie.  Sophie was very excited.  Especially about the super sweet icing.  At dinner tonight, the hostess gave Sophie a sheet of candy buttons – because little Sophie is as cute as a button.  Those curls of hers prompt people to give her gifts.  She was the youngest person in the restaurant, by at least 65 years.  Welcome to Florida.

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