Four Generations

It’s official.  Nanny is thrilled to have Sophie here in Florida.  Sophie brings her joy and happiness – as any great-grandchild would, I suppose.  

But as I suspected, Sophie also brings lots of laughs.  That’s because Sophie is silly.  Silly as can be.  Running around the apartment with her rubber football, dumping the contents of her Babar backpack on the floor, slurping up pasta at the local pizza joint – Sophie is simply a born entertainer.
Our little girl warmed up quickly to her new surroundings – after a brief stint playing coy and shyly exploring the apartment – she decided it was all good.  She particularly likes the lounge chair on the enclosed porch – and has made it known that it’s hers for the duration – whether or not she’s actually lounging in it.
So, four generations in Florida – I’m really glad we’re here.

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