Harry Potter!

I’ve been encouraging Chloe to try reading the Harry Potter books for the last couple of months – but she’s resisted because of her obsession with reading every single Nancy Drew book that’s ever been published.
However, she’s out of Nancy Drew books (at least for now).  So after reading two other novels about knights in shining armor, she decided to delve into the first Harry Potter tome.  So far, so good.
Tonight she came bounding downstairs, book in hand, when she heard me come home from Back-to-School night.  “Mommy, mommy!” she exclaimed.  “I’m at the part where they find out what houses they’re in!”  
Chloe didn’t believe me when I promised her that reading the books would be a much different experience from watching the movies.   In fact, Chloe often doesn’t believe me when I tell her things.  But that’s another story for another time.  For now, I’m just happy that she’s reading so much – it’s truly gratifying.

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