She Doesn’t Shut Up!

I don’t mean this in a particularly nasty way, although it’s true:  Chloe talks and talks and talks.  She talks when no one is listening.  She talks when others are talking.  On and on and on.  I love her to death, but one day I’m going to record her chattering so that she can appreciate what she puts us through.
This was never so apparent as it was tonight.  We had our little Rosh Hashana meal with my mom (thanks, mom!), and in addition to wanting to know every little detail about every little thing (including how much we pay our babysitter), she recited poetry by Shel Silverstein.  She did a great job – had the rythym, the intonation and the enunciation down pat – and her verbosity during the recitation was more than welcome.  
But after dinner, a short while before bed, Chloe was rifling through my jewelry box looking for earrings she’ll be able to borrow once her ears are pierced next week.  I had to ask her multiple times to close the box, because the last thing we needed was to have Sophie – who wants to do whatever Chloe’s doing – go on a treasure hunt inside the box as well.  But Chloe was too busy yammering to listen – asking about this pair of earrings, and that pair – basically talking to the air because her Papa was in the other room and I was suffocating myself with a pillow to drown out the sound.  
I don’t remember if I was always this insistent when I was kid.  Mom – if Chloe takes after me, I am so, so sorry!  That would have been hellish – please forgive me!  And now, I am off to inhale some aspirin.  

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