One of Chloe’s dear friends is here for a sleepover – a relatively spontaneous decision this afternoon that led to a very excited phone call from my daughter announcing the good news.

When I arrived home, on the early side, I opened the front door to discover Chloe and her friend performing a new playground rhyme – much more complicated than the Miss Mary Mack I used to play with my friends.

Sophie was entranced by the scene – the synchronized clapping, rhyming, bending and jumping – she couldn’t take her eyes off of the two bigger girls. It’s rare that she has bug eyes, but she certainly did watching Chloe and her friend play.

The thing is, they’re really good at these ditties. Apparently, they learned them at camp. Mountain Dew was mentioned, as were boyfriends, water fountains and other stuff. They probably don’t even know what Mountain Dew is. Which is a good thing, because they certainly don’t need the caffeine!

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