Some Final Thoughts on Florida

Although this was one of the most bittersweet visits I’ve had to Florida, it was also easily one of the best.  This wasn’t because our days were filled with fun activities. Let’s face it, going to malls down there is not exactly exciting, the food is mediocre at best and Nanny, who was never Speedy Gonzalez even at her healthiest, now moves at a snail’s pace.  
The days pass in slow-motion in Florida – especially when it’s stifling hot and humid, as it was this past weekend.   Nanny keeps the apartment at a sticky and stuffy 82 degrees, because she’s all skin and bones and often chilled.  I honestly felt as though I was suffering from early-onset menopause – I was sweating so much.
The reason this trip was so special was two-fold.  First, I had a chance to spend some wonderful one-on-one time with my little girl, who is so often in the shadows of Chloe.  Creating imaginary sea creature friends in the pool was the highlight (Pinky the pink fish, Slowy the snail and the mean shark, among others).  Second, I had a chance to enjoy, for the first time, my little girl’s big heart.  Who, without even realizing it, showed an empathy for her great-grandmother that was touching and beautiful in its simplicity.   

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