Sophie and Her Nanny

The two girls – one at the beginning of her life and the other in her final years – continue to bond.  Sophie is Nanny’s designated helper, our little Florence Nightingale.  
This morning, the two of them conversed on the terrace.  This afternoon, she spent about an hour helping Nanny prepare for our outing.  Bringing Nanny ice chips, getting her slippers, her shoes, and watching her great-grandmother brush her hair and put on her makeup.  Sophie held the side of Nanny’s walker as they made their way down the catwalk towards the elevator.
This evening, after we arrived home from dinner, Sophie joined Nanny in the ice-chewing.  They each had a cup and both were content.  Sophie and Nanny are 87 years apart in age, a lifetime of experiences separating them.  But they’re best buddies now.  

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