Sophie Cranky

Came home to a very cranky Sophie this evening. This is the Sophie that was wimpering because she was unhappy about something – what it was remains a mystery because all she did was whimper. No words, just whimpering.

After she realized that whimpering was getting her nowhere, she calmed down. For a few minutes. And then she got pissed off because I had the audacity to bring her cup of milk outside. She didn’t want me to bring it outside and she took it from me and proceeded to throw it on the ground.

One would think I had committed a capital offense. So I picked up the cup and was very stern and told her that if she didn’t put it in the fridge, she’d have quiet time in the corner. She hates the corner. But she doesn’t hate it enough, I guess. She stubbornly refused to oblige, and so the corner had company for two minutes (which, in a few weeks, will increase to three minutes when she celebrates her birthday).

Chloe starts school tomorrow – 2nd grade! In the meantime, her Papa bought her two more Nancy Drew books yesterday afternoon, volumes 9 and 10. And I’m not kidding when I tell you that since yesterday at about 5 pm she’s finished volume 9 and is halfway through volume 10…How crazy is that?

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