Sophie’s Last Day…

…as a two-year old.  As of tomorrow, we’re off to the thrilling three’s. 

Sophie is very excited about her party – it’s her first party with little friends, not just boring family.
I hope she likes the clown who is coming for a visit.  I have visions of screaming, terrified 3-year olds.  But who doesn’t love balloons and magic?  And the “Hokey-Pokey?”
And because the weather won’t be cooperating, we’ve rearranged the furniture in our house to accommodate the chaos.  Instead of doing our pizza picnic outside, we’ll be having it on the floor of the dining room.  Because unlike many parents who are organized and methodical when they plan their dear kids’ parties, we didn’t think to rent a kids’ table and chairs. Oh well.  
We’re giving her a doll (most of her dolls are Chloe’s hand-me-downs) and a make-believe cooking set.  Chloe (with our monetary assistance) is giving her sister her very own wallet with a smiley frog on it.  
Birthday party round-up to follow tomorrow.  

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