Where’s Papa?

That’s been the million-dollar question since about five minutes after we dropped off my husband at the airport yesterday, for his first business trip in several months. He’s gone until Wednesday.  Lucky me.  
Sophie was crying as her Papa kissed her goodbye – that lasted for about 30 seconds.  After which her main concern was whether we were going up or down hills in the little red putt-putt car.  
But ever since leaving him at the airport, Sophie keeps asking, “Where’s Pops?”  She obviously doesn’t get it.  I explained earlier this evening that Papa would be home in two days.  But she has no concept of time.  I suppose she’ll keep asking where he is until she actually sees him again.
So far, the three of us girls are doing just fine. Sophie discovered the microphone that attaches to the little electronic keyboard and was extremely excited about her find.  Chloe took possession of it – for once Sophie didn’t seem to mind – and serenaded us with “Alouette” and “Volunteers,” with loads of enthusiasm.  Not so much on key – but I already knew that Chloe inherited my lack of singing skills.  It was her smile as she sang that made me smile, too.  And it was a lovely way to end the day.  

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