Another Monday

I’m starting to really dislike Mondays.  Between the roller coaster rides in the stock market and the typical “Oh, it’s Monday” doldrums, I’m ready for a break.
Chloe is taking a break with my mom later in the week to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Texas.  She can’t wait.  She’s very eager to go to a rock concert, because the last time we visited them it was during a music festival and she couldn’t get enough of all the really, really loud music.  Apparently, they’ll be going to a gospel concert of some sort this time around .  Gospel’s great, but let’s face it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t quite live up to her expectations.
In the meantime, Chloe’s been diligently taking care of her newly pierced ears.  We’ll see if she can keep it up for the eight weeks mandated by the pharmacy.  She also continues to torture Sophie, by touching her too much.  Which really is kind of dumb, because even if Chloe doesn’t hurt Sophie, Sophie will use drama and tears to bring attention to her “plight”and her sister’s misdeeds.
Sophie is a smart cookie.  Her pediatrician thinks she should be in school this year so that she has an opportunity to accumulate experiences independently – without our involvement.  But she’s just fine.   Sophie isn’t suffering from not being in a classroom – she is very much her own person.  That said, we’ll enroll her next year – for better or for worse, we’re going to have to get her prepped for kindergarten eventually…

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