Chloe’s New Look

Believe it or not, this was Chloe’s idea.  She wanted to get a new ‘do, and she wanted a bob.

Who was I to say no?  When I was a kid (perhaps a little older than she is now), I changed hairstyles all the time.  My hair grew fast, so even if I didn’t like a look, I didn’t really care.
I guess those genes have been passed down to Chloe.  She smiled the entire time she was in the hot seat – and for a long time after we left the salon.  Of course, the new cut looks the best it ever will, because the stylist blew it out.  I warned Chloe that I would not be doing spending my free time doing that, and that while I love her more than anything, she should enjoy the perfection while she can.  Because come tomorrow morning, it’s air dry all the way.
I’m excited because the shorter hair means less knots, which means less screaming in the morning, which means less noise, which means a calmer mommy and daddy.  All good, right?

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