Halloween Preparations

I have no idea who this little girl is – but she’s wearing Sophie’s Halloween costume.  

Chloe had the bright idea to try on costumes about 10 minutes before bed tonight.  Needless to say, bad parenting move.  
Sophie loves her costume.  Didn’t want to take it off.   We had a bit of an argument about it.
Chloe’s Cleopatra costume is a very complicated affair.  She had trouble with the different elements, and started to get frustrated because the decorative arm bands were too big and were falling down her arms.  There were some tears.  Very annoying when it’s bedtime.  Not a good way to end the evening.  
Try explaining to a kid that there’s nothing to worry about – that there are two long weeks before the big day…plenty of time to fix the wardrobe malfunction.
My husband and I are suckers.  We never should have allowed them to try on the costumes right before bed.  We opened the Pandora’s Box – and it’s our bad.  

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