Happy Anniversary Pink Me Not

Happy anniversary Pink Me Not!  One year ago today I debuted this blog – and 325 blog posts later, it’s still going strong.  
One year of tirelessly chronicling the adventures and antics of Chloe and Sophie – lots of stories, lots of joy and lots of laughs.  
If I’m being honest, I can’t believe I’ve kept it up this long.  But I’ve come to depend on writing these entries – they’re my therapy in a way – allowing me to take a step back from the vagaries of life and work, and enjoy the fact that my husband and I are raising two beautiful girls – who make us happy and proud (at least most of the time).
It’s certainly been an interesting year – between my time off from work, my new job, the elections, the economic meltdown…never a dull moment.  But there’s always been a constant – no matter how bad the day, no matter how hectic our lives, we can count on Chloe and Sophie to make us smile.   
Which makes everything else worthwhile.

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