Happy Sophie

Sophie’s been happy lately.  Actually, she’s almost always happy.  Even though she now has a 3-year old personality, which lends itself to short-lived temper tantrums and a tongue that frequently sticks out.  
And yet – she’s almost always smiling.  And singing and frolicking and dancing and jumping.  It’s pretty extraordinary.  And when I think about it further, when she does get it upset, it is sometimes because of something Chloe did, or didn’t do, or something she perceived her big sister to have done. 
That’s not to say that Chloe is entirely at fault – as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Sophie does have a talent for baiting her sister into doing dumb things that get her into trouble.  
Sophie also gets upset when we say ‘no’ to her, as most toddlers are wont to do.  But her displeasure doesn’t last.  She’s usually back to her smiling self within minutes.  Talking about being resilient…and happy…
I’m not sure where she gets it from. It’s not that we’re not happy, but Chloe, Papa and I are fairly intense and serious people.  She got the clown qualities from a mysterious recessed gene pool, I think.   Either that or there was a mix-up at the hospital.

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