It’s Quiet Here!

Chloe is with my mom – they’re leaving for the airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  I came home a bit late tonight, after Chloe left, and it was quiet.  

OK.  It lasted for only about two minutes, until I went to say hi to Sophie, whose last cartoon of the day was ending.  She asked to watch another one, and I was the bad guy because I said no.  No hug hello for me tonight.  Just Sophie swiping at me with her hand for having the gall to refuse to let her watch more TV.  When I warned her she’d be going to the corner, she cried for her Papa.  
And then she saw the slice of pizza on the table, which was meant for me.  She had already had her dinner, but she’s evidently over her cold, because now she’s famished.  So, not only did she assault me when I arrived home, she stole my food.  
Supernanny, are you still accepting applications?

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