Let the Piercings Begin

As promised, we allowed Chloe to get her ears pierced today.  We went to a local pharmacy known for tag teaming so that the ears go under the gun simultaneously.
When we got there, however, we learned that one of the women was home sick.  I asked Chloe if she’d be willing to have one ear pierced at a time, and she gamely accepted.  Like mother, like daughter.  There was no way in hell she’d postpone this momentous occasion.
The selection of the earrings went surprisingly fast, given that there were approximately 100 pairs from which to choose.  Then came the hard part.  
The woman prepped the ears, and the first earring went in.  Chloe was clearly not expecting it to hurt as much as it did.  She went from eager anticipation to excruciating pain in a millisecond.  The tears welled up, but they soon overflowed and started streaming down her cheeks.  She was suffering in silence, and she grabbed my hand for the second round.  In it went.  And more tears fell.  
The nice woman gave her a lollypop and the tears slowly subsided, especially once she grabbed hold of the mirror and saw the earrings, happily lodged in her lobes.
Once we arrived home, she went straight up to her room to her own mirror, admired herself for a few minutes and put on some lip gloss.  

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