My New Baby

I celebrated my 40th birthday a couple of months early today, and after one year’s incubation in my dreams, I succumbed to temptation and bought a new Mac Book.
One would have never thought we were in a recession by spending time in the Apple store today.  It was jammed with people, many of whom were purchasing gadgets.  The other stores in the mall were sparsely populated, because everyone was admiring iPhones, iPods, iMacs and Mac Books.
Between investing some money directly in the stock market a few weeks ago (go Kraft Foods!  go British Petroleum!) and buying my new computer, I think I’ve done my part to jump start our crappy economy.  
Chloe is particularly excited, because along with the laptop, I came home with a color printer that cost $9.95.  She jumped for joy at the sight of it.  And when she realized that my PC laptop might eventually go to her (but not in her bedroom), she was positively beaming.

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