Parallel Universe

The economy is tanking, the idea of Sarah Palin becoming Vice President of the United States is terrifying and we’re still mired in a war we never should have been fighting in the first place.

It’s a crazy world we live in these days, and my girls are blissfully ignorant of the turmoil. Chloe is aware of the upcoming election and knows I’m happily voting for Obama, and thinks John McCain is old. She also heard that Obama was going to raise taxes (probably from some misleading McCain commercial). Chloe doesn’t yet understand what taxes are.

With everything that’s going on, every day is like a rollercoaster. The news is filled with bad stuff. Recently, I’ve been waking up every morning, probably like lots of people, wondering what the day’s news cycle is going to bring. But Chloe and Sophie are my constants. They’re adorable and smiling, most of the time anyway, and make me laugh when I feel like hiding under the covers.

Sophie’s been down and out with a bad cold this week, but even that has an upside. She’s not particularly cuddly in good times, but when she’s under the weather we get to hug her and smooch her all we want. And get all her germs, too.

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