Piling Up on Papa’s Butt

This was, of course, Chloe’s idea the other night.  The girls piled up on my husband’s butt with gusto. And Sophie jumped onto Chloe’s butt with glee.
Tomorrow is Halloween – the first Halloween that Sophie is excited about because she finally knows what it is.  She can’t wait to put on her Minnie Mouse costume tomorrow.  And get lots of candy.  I’m not sure how we’re going to control the sugar booty this year.  Sophie is too smart for us to surreptitiously go through her bag, hide the bulk of the sweets and give her the remainder.
I hope the girls bring home some good loot tomorrow.  I love Halloween candy, and I’m glad I have two girls who will happily, if unwittingly, collect a whole bunch of it for us (let’s face it, they’re ignorant of the fact that if they don’t voluntarily give some to us, we’ll steal it from them while they’re sleeping).

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