The day couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Sophie and I got to go to the playground while the hubby went to the supermarket.  And we had lots of fun.
We ran around the field playing tag, which for Sophie meant yelling “stop!” so that she could catch me.  We used a stick to make music on the metal garbage can and danced.  We watched some soccer and drew flowers in the dirt.
Sophie was visibly happy – happy as a clam – to be spending some quality time with her mom.  As was I.  We shared water, grapes and an apple.  And exchanged kisses and hugs.  In all honesty, I hadn’t felt so relaxed in a long time.  Probably not since my time off with the girls last year.
In the meantime, Chloe was in the Lone Star State visiting caves and having close encounters with hairy bats.  And playing Pac-Man on the computer.  She is having a great time and she’ll be back tomorrow evening.  And I can’t wait to see her.

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