Sophie and Her Clothes

Remember when I wrote about Chloe and her obsession with clothes last year?  Now it’s Sophie’s turn.
She was impossible this morning and in a bad mood to begin with, because Papa tortured her when he tried to remove the knots from her hair.  After that ordeal, getting dressed should have been easy.  But it wasn’t.  I proposed several different outfits, none of which met with her approval.  
She started to get frustrated.  And she ran away, back into her room.  She was alone for awhile.  Calming down.  When Chloe and I saw her curls sticking out from behind her chair, we sat on her bed and asked each other where Sophie had gone.  This amused the little one, who couldn’t keep quiet any longer.  After a couple of minutes of our feigned “Where’s Sophie?” act, she jumped out from behind her chair and yelled, “Surprise!”  She was wearing a huge grin (not unlike the one in this photo), and a few minutes later she was finally dressed.
It was a battle, but at least it was one that ended in smiles and not in tears.

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