A New Dawn, A New Day

And I have just one word:

Ok – a few more words.  I am excited beyond measure.  To be able to tell Chloe this morning that we elected the country’s first African-American president – wow.  Obama brought people of all stripes together yesterday.  It was amazing. When I think of the hope that I suddenly have for the future – despite the wars and despite the economy – it gives me goose bumps.  
The Obama presidency opens the door to dreams of all kinds – truly nothing is out of a young child’s reach, if he or she aims high and works hard, and never gives up.  
Over the last four years, my use of the refrain “Only in America” was limited to bemoaning President Bush’s and his cronies’ stupidity.  I can now return to using that phrase as one of optimism and hope and wonder.  

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