A Nice Day

Chloe and I took the bus into Manhattan today, and walked from the Port Authority down to Chelsea to meet some relatives for brunch and a gallery tour.

We hadn’t been to the city together in a long time – but I really enjoyed being with her today.  Our stroll down 8th Avenue was not the most interesting (unless you like peep shows) walk in the city, but Chloe didn’t complain once, which was extraordinary because we walked over 20 blocks.
She even enjoyed the galleries – although a couple of shows were, unbeknownst to us beforehand, a little risque.  Chloe was particularly shocked by a photograph that depicted a very large woman, with correspondingly large breasts, revealing a little too much skin around her boobs in order to show off a tattoo.  And another artist depicted some nude figures, which made her laugh in the way 7-year olds laugh when they’re confronted with pictures of naked people.

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