Beauty Queen

Sophie is ready to enter her first beauty pageant.  Chloe put face paint on her the other evening – her eyes wore pretty blue shadow, her lips were glossed pink and her cheeks shone rosy red.

She struck this flirty little pose just for us.  And she was so very proud of her new look.  Chloe, the makeover artist, was proud of her handiwork, too.
Sophie loves pink (despite my best efforts to promote other colors), loves dolls – including Barbie (makes me want to puke), loves to wear dresses and jewelry (and gaudy jewelry at that)…and has boing-boing curly hair.  Needless to say, with every passing day, my suspicions grow that there was a mix-up at the hospital after she was born.  
If there was a mix-up, however, that’s ok.  Because Sophie is the cutest thing since Chloe.  She’s a keeper.

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