Drunken Cowgirl Sophie

This photo says it all.  Drunken cowgirl Sophie.  Not the most flattering picture, but I like it all the same.  She was probably dizzy from running around the house too much.  Either that or she had overdosed on milk.  

We rediscovered these hats when we cleaned out the sunroom, which needs to undergo major repairs because of structural deficiencies.  Tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.  Home ownership sucks.
I am now waiting for the rest of the house to crumble.  To become an archeological ruin, just like the ancient homes of Pompei.  In the meantime, Chloe and Sophie continue to dance around the house, stomping our domicile further into the ground.  
I am trying to look on the bright side of this – at least we’ll have a spanking new sunroom.  New windows.  New electricity.  Insulation for the first time ever.  Whoo hoo!

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