Empowering Sophie

I’m conducting an experiment tonight.  For the past couple of weeks, she’s been using her feminine toddler wiles to avoid going to sleep at night.   Tears, and cries of “I’m thirsty” and “I’m hungry,” are just a few examples of the ways in which she tries to delay the inevitable.
Maxime is out late tonight, so being the drill sergeant that I am, I got the girls ready at 7:30 pm for their 8 pm appointment with the sandman.   I read Sophie 4 books (a 2-book bonus!) and then I made a deal with the devil:  
In exchange for her good behavior, I promised hugs and kisses from Papa when he gets home (and she’ll never know whether he gave them to her, because she’ll be sleeping – I know, I’m a bad, bad mommy), and I allowed her to leave her lamp on and read books in her bed by herself like her big sister, Chloe.  
If she doesn’t behave, no Papa visit, no lamp and no books.  
It’s been a very quiet 15 minutes since I gave her a kiss goodnight.  Could it be working?  I’ll let you know.

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