Getting Bigger

We bought the skirt Chloe is wearing in the photo about 18-24 months ago, I think.  At the time, it dragged on the floor.  She wore it anyway, even though it didn’t fit her properly, because she LOVED it.

She rediscovered the skirt the other day – she hadn’t worn it in quite a long time – and was thrilled when she realized that she must have grown several inches, because the skirt fell just below her calves.
She came running to show me – “Mommy, look – look at my skirt! I’m so much taller now!” she cried.  Her happiness didn’t last long, however.  
When we arrived at the local zoo, her mood suddenly changed.  No longer jubilant over her growth spurt, she started to moan and groan because she was cold, and her jean jacket didn’t have pockets.  Reminding her that she was lucky to have a jacket at all because she forgot to take one from the house after we had asked her to, she became predictably even more annoyed.
Until her loving father decided to sacrifice his own comfort for the sake of his daughter. With the magical jacket, several sizes too large, her arms suddenly sprouted like a gorilla’s and she was smiling again.

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