I think I may have spoken to Nanny for the last time yesterday. Since our visit in September, her health has declined at a dramatic pace.  She was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, having suffered a heart attack and kidney failure.  

When I told Chloe about the situation, her immediate reaction was to get paper and markers, and make Nanny a get well card. Sophie, of course, followed suit.  I warned Chloe that Nanny might not have a chance to see the cards, but we mailed them anyway.
Chloe expressed hope that Nanny would leave her something in her will (thanks to Nancy Drew for raising my seven-year old’s awareness of testamentary inheritance), since no one has ever left her anything in a will before…
I spoke to Nanny on the phone yesterday, and she could barely talk.  She was trying to eat but was very uncomfortable.  I told her how much I loved her, and that the girls made her cards.  She told me what a wonderful granddaughter I’d been over the years, and it felt like we were saying our goodbyes.  
After Sophie and I returned from Florida in September, I had a feeling that our visit with Nanny would be our last.  There was something poignant about the energy she mustered during that long weekend – and I sensed that she was using all of her reserves to spend as much time as possible with Sophie.  I think that for those three days, Sophie took Nanny’s mind off her ailments, and helped delay the inevitable. 
She’s being moved into hospice this evening, and they’re going to stop her regular medications.  She’s still eating and drinking a little, but her body is shutting down.  My aunt and uncle are with her now, and I’m glad for that.  
We love you, Nanny, with all of our hearts.

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