This Rock is Big!

Sophie loves to climb on rocks.  She was especially excited about the rock in the photo, because it was a big rock, the biggest rock of the bunch.

I love the perpetual state of discovery that characterizes the daily activities of young children.  Sophie enchants herself with new findings all the time.  
The cause of such wonder might be as banal as a rock, or a ladybug, or a flower.  Or the music of a squeaking bed as she jumps up and down on it.  Or a new favorite book.  
Chloe, who is almost eight years old, is less inclined to find pleasure in the little things.  She’s getting to that age where she’s blase about her surroundings.  She shrugs her shoulders a lot. Or laughs at Sophie when her little sister’s excited reactions to the mundane occurrences of everyday life strike her as over the top.
Anyway, I’m enjoying Sophie’s enthusiasm for everything she encounters – because I know it won’t last forever.  

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