Chocolate Mousse!

Chloe, Sophie and their Papa made a huge bowl of chocolate mousse yesterday to share with Chloe’s class today.
What’s the best part about making chocolate mousse, you ask?  Licking the spoons and the bowl after it’s been prepared, that’s what.
Chloe had an international food festival today – of the 13 or so dishes, only three were sweet.  Needless to say, it was a big hit.   We put a heaping spoonful in each of the cups and some of the children (and parents) were not shy about helping themselves to multiple servings.  Sophie was a little uncomfortable sharing any of it, but calmed down once she received her own portion.  The mousse and a Portuguese pastry were the only items that were entirely gone by the end of the party.  
It’s nice and everything that the parents were trying to provide healthy “main course” food for the kids, but at 3 pm what kid wants to eat taco meat or vegetarian Indian food?  I know, my miserable attitude is a good reason why my kids aren’t adventurous when it comes to cuisine, but it’s the holiday season, for crying out loud!  Bring on the sweets!

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