Ho Ho Ho!

Sophie was evidently amazed (see hands cupping chin in wonder) at the treasures underneath the Christmas tree this morning.  Chloe was pretty happy, too.
It was a lovely holiday.  Everyone was pleased with their presents, including my husband and Grammy.  We had a yummy dinner of Greek chicken and braised squash last night, and pancakes this morning. Convincing Sophie to wait to eat her chocolate Santa was a bit of a challenge, but I never said it was a perfect day.
Chloe even made progress with Alubus and Gloup.  She was initially very scared to try to coax them into her hands because she was afraid they’d nip her.  But she conquered her fear and each hamster had a turn with Chloe, and she did great.  The hamsters enjoyed their brief extra-cage adventure and Chloe was happy, too.
Chloe has a new favorite game – Life.  Sophie has a new Fisher-Price computer and has made progress drawing the letter ‘K’ and the number ’10.’   Really now, who needs school?

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