It Wasn’t Even Officially Winter…

…when it snowed last Friday.  I really do not like winter.  And the fact that we’ve enjoyed fairly mild winters these last couple of years makes me nervous that the recent snowfall is a harbinger of what’s to come over the next three months.

I don’t mind snow in of itself.  But our town is so lame when it comes to clearing streets that in addition to school being canceled on Friday, there was a delayed opening yesterday.  What in the hell was that about?  The most idiotic thing about it, however, was that the school district’s web site didn’t even bother putting up an announcement about the delay.  I found out about it on a third-party site.
Were the 60-some hours between Friday evening and Monday morning not enough to clear the snow off the buses?  The town did a crappy job plowing over the weekend, which might explain their inability to open the schools on time yesterday – since the slush on the roads, which hadn’t been properly removed, froze Sunday night.
But we don’t live in Florida – we live in a place where snow is expected.  Perhaps not as much as there used to be (thanks to the increasingly polluted world we live in), but we generally get one or two good storms a year.  I guess the snowplowers were out Christmas shopping over the weekend.  Anyway, for all the obscene property taxes we pay to live here, we shouldn’t have to worry about what to do with our kids three days after a few inches of snow falls.
Anyway, no more snow days until at least January 5.  ‘Cause it’s vacation!

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