Mutant Sophie

Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.  She woke us up again last night.  Crawled into our bed AGAIN last night.  I love her with all of my heart, I truly do.  But I am exhausted.  She’s exhausted.  My husband is exhausted.  
And the worst part of it is that she’s cranky in the morning.  I’ve always said that the terrible two’s are a misnomer.  It’s the thunderous three’s that are the nightmare. 
Granted, you wouldn’t think so from her lovely double smile in the photo.  She can be a real charmer when she sets her mind to it.  
Today Sophie discovered the wonder of scissors.  This morning, she gave one of her dolls a haircut.  She stopped after we told her that the doll’s hair wouldn’t grow back.  This evening, she took the same pair of scissors and cut off a few of her curls.  The good news is that she has so many curls that her handiwork was unnoticeable.  The bad news is that cutting paper apparently doesn’t provide sufficient entertainment for her.  

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