I have discovered the best new punishment ever (ignore Chloe’s smile in the photo).  All you need is large cellophane bag and a vacuum cleaner.  You put the misbehaving child into the bag, turn on the vacuum, and voila!  Instant immobility.  

Of course, we tried this experiment in the context of a visit to the museum, so it was funny.  In fact, I did it also in order to test its effectiveness.  I couldn’t move anything – not even my pinky.
But imagine the possibilities – Chloe and Sophie swipe at each other.  No problem.  We have told them over and over again that there are consequences for bad behavior.  Until now, none of our consequences have had much effect.  Starting in 2009, however, both of them will be individually shrinkwrapped in their separate corners whenever they transgress.  Although they’ll be able to make noise and eat (and maybe even sleep if they’re tired enough), they WON’T BE ABLE TO MOVE…AT ALL.
Hee hee hee…

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