The Countdown…

…to my big 40 is going to end very soon.  It doesn’t seem real.  It does, however, seem a little old.  I don’t feel particularly decrepit except for the fact that I feel like I’m as distracted and forgetful as ever.  And I can’t seem to come up with a single decent idea for a birthday present when people ask me what I’d like to mark the occasion.  I think there’s something psychological going on there, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

But I like to think that those lapses are due less to my age and more to my very busy schedule.  Chloe claims I sometimes forget to pack her a snack with lunch.  I disagree with that – and until she brings me proof, I refuse to believe that I would ever do such a thing.  Besides, how dare she criticize when for the past four days, she has conveniently forgotten to work on her report about France?
Sophie was able to identify the Jonas Brothers when she saw them on TV commercial today.  That scared me.  What the hell does she know about the Jonas Brothers?  She’s only three years old!   Thanks, Chloe, for contributing to the corruption of your little sister.  
In any case, my mom is taking the girls this weekend so that my husband and I can get away to celebrate my milestone.  I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe the overnight escape will help me feel a little less old.  Maybe not.  But I’m planning to get a facial while I’m at the hotel, which at the very least, might make a couple of the 40-year old wrinkles disappear.

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